2015 SXSW Food Trucks – We Got Your Back

2015 SXSW Food Trucks – We Got Your Back

The time is upon us, friends! It’s merely January, and our inbox is beginning to FLOOD with requests for foods truck pairings for startups, events, private concerts and more during SXSW.

The value of booking the right food truck is not only dominant with regard to your audience, but also your capacity. When it comes to trucks there is an intricate enigma of picking the cuisine that captures the essence of the event. Weddings are a great example. The easy default is tacos. Hey, why not? Tacos are delicious and very viable for weddings for a few reasons including fast ticket times, low cost per item and a never-ending variety of combinations that can please any crowd. A wedding however has a unique advantage that a lot of other special events do not. There is a contained area to limit the lines AND there is usually seating. These two advantages blow the door wide open on the options for a wedding.

When it comes to SXSW we’ve worked with private parties, VIP lounges, GA food parks and more. It’s key to know your audience AND your vendors. Working with Trailer Food Tuesdays has given us a unique perspective on a truck’s ability to crank out delicious treats in high-capacity situations. These types of trucks are perfect for the SXSW environment (with a little coaching).

What a lot of folks don’t consider is that a food truck on-site is a lot more than picking a type of food you like. There are considerations such as staffing, parking, menu choices, stocking and the overall logistics of loading in and loading out. Much like anything else, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

We’re never ones to deprive food trucks of opportunities. If you’d like to share one for SXSW please post it on our Facebook Page! If you’d like to hand us the reigns shoot us a quick email at info(at)foodtrailersaustin.com. We’d be happy to work with you to get the right truck(s) to your audience. We know the landscape, and we love our local trucks.