A New Level of Mobile Food at Goodlife Food Park

A New Level of Mobile Food at Goodlife Food Park

Some of the best things about working on this site with friends are the perks! We were lucky enough to catch wind of Austin’s newest purpose-built food trailer park, Goodlife Food Park, well before it was publicly announced and get the inside scoop.

We took some time yesterday afternoon to visit the site of Austin’s newest food oasis located at 900 E Cesar Chavez. Upon arrival we immediately saw the potential and the cold hard fact that this park is getting done the right way. Fresh signage was being placed as was mulch. Apparently the whole site is undergoing some landscaping to beautify it before the trucks and trailers come to play.

The plans for the site are incredible. It really is a park that will stand out amongst others. Check out the rendering. This is definitely preliminary, but it gives a good idea of what’s in store. I’d say it will look very similar, but likely with less trucks on site.


Luckily, we were able to get the inside scoop from owner Garry Wise. He was kind enough to answer a few questions.

(FTA) What drove you to create the Goodlife Food Park?
(GW) At GoodLife, we are passionate about living our name. We are constantly creating our own good life and feel that good food is an integral part of that. Not only does good food allow us to experience the deliciousness of life, it also brings together a community of family and friends to share in the experience.

(FTA) Why East Cesar Chavez?
(GW) East Austin does not have a fantastic food park, and we wanted to help our own community by offering the best experience to East Austin and Downtown Austin.

(FTA) Goodlife Food Park is an interesting name. Can you tell us why you chose it?
(GW) We run GoodLife Realty and are focused on delivering a 5-star experience for buyers and sellers of real estate. We carried this vision and commitment to our food park as we know that good food is an integral part of living a GoodLife.

(FTA) How many trucks/trailers do you plan on having on-site?
(GW) We are working through this now, and will have an update on that on our website.

(FTA) You mentioned a 5-Star experience for customers. What do you have in store?
(GW) We will offer a beautiful and clean space for families, couples, and individuals to enjoy good food together.

(FTA) When do you plan on opening?
(GW) We are going to open June 1st with a few select restauranteurs and will have a full launch party when we fill the park.

(FTA) What is your favorite food trailer/truck to eat at?
(GW)  That is a loaded question 🙂 I love to experience all fares of food and all menus, and have yet to find one that I can call my favorite.

(FTA) If you owned a food truck, what would it be called and what would you serve?
(GW) I would call it GoodFood | GoodLife and we would serve organic, gluten-free and healthy food.

Pretty exciting stuff! Who would you want to see at this food park? Let us know in the comments below.