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    Tony_Bio I started in 2010 to provide a hub for Austin’s burgeoning mobile food scene. Since then, the website has grown to what it is today. It’s been great meeting trailer owners and operators, getting to know their passion and experiencing the biproduct of that passion by way of my pie hole. I started the austin food trailer alliance in May 2011 in an effort to bring together the titans of the industry as one collaborative body. I have always had an interest in food, and I consider myself the worst food critic on the planet. I like it all, and to be quite honest, I don’t see that as a problem. In order to keep semi-healthy I run (much like Mike!) I love Austin and what it stands for. If I’m not working with trailers, you can most likely find me doing something involved with the Austin Marathon.

    Mike_BioI love to run and I love to eat, simple as that.  In fact, one of the main reasons I run is for the refueling that comes after I cross the finish line.

    I started a running blog back in May 2009, which kickstarted my blogging fame.  My goal is to share the successes and failures of my running and the food truck fare that fuels me.

    I’ve been running since October 2005, and almost always training for some marathon out there.  Along the way I’ve moved around the country (FL, TN, DC, TX) trying new and exciting foods.  Now settled in Austin I’ve become fixated on the food truck boom that’s sweeping the city (and country) by storm.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to contribute to and give back to the food trailer community!

    Rob_Bio I’ve lived in the Austin area pretty much my whole life, and it’s amazing to see the changes that are happening these days. The trailers have been a great addition to the local food scene, and I really like getting to know the owners.

    I do my part by helping out around the site when things get technical. When I’m not working on websites, I’m usually busy checking out the trailers and bars in East Austin, playing kickball, attempting to play golf, and even participating in the occasional eating contest.

    Tiff_200I’m a fourth generation Austinite who began writing about food trucks and trailers in 2009 via Trailer Food Diaries.  After writing 7 food truck cookbooks and visiting 10 states in the name of food truck glory, I found the food truckers often have three things in common about these creative entrepreneurs: 1. They never want to work for anyone else ever again.  2. They love to cook. 3. They love being involved in their community. I’m still writing food truck cookbooks that are “serving up the American Dream one plate at a time” in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Portland, and beyond.  Additionally, I co-produce food truck events ( & talk food trailers on the radio on KOKE FM.  When I’m not interviewing food truckers and eating, I love to be outside with my daughter and our dog fishing, hiking, sailing and riding dressage (equestrian).  Stay tuned at: / @trailerfood 

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