Austin Food Trailer Alliance

Austin Food Trailer Alliance

The number of food trailers in Austin is growing at an astonishing speed. Veterans are expanding with multiple trucks/trailers/brick and mortars, and new faces are embarking on their entrepreneurial journey in the world of trailers. There’s something about a non-air conditioned, metal box that contains a hot grill that’s just appealing to people! As more trailers debut in the area, an increasing number of lot proprietors are expanding and welcoming mobile food vendors, more reporters are taking notice, more companies are promoting discounts and so forth.

The amount of opportunities being made readily available breed a lot of different experiences. Inevitably, one trailer owner knows something another doesn’t. Maybe the best way to get meat isn’t from the local grocery store, but rather from a private meat dealer in the area. Perhaps there’s a better solution to securing a trailer than a cumbersome chain and a padlock that would rival a maximum security prison. It came to my attention that there’s a wealth of knowledge in Austin about trailer ownership, and it rests in the minds of the owners themselves.  Naturally, the more information that is shared, the more effective the ventures can be.

With that being said, I conducted a bit of a “feeler” on Twitter last week inquiring about interest in forming a food trailer alliance here in Austin. The response was great! As a result, I’m in the process of hashing out the details. As the alliance begins to take shape, we’ll be able to announce further membership and event detail! Here’s a snippet of the basic framework.

Open forum meetings
share information such as location pros and cons, equipment costs, peak hours, what works/what doesn’t
Q&A sessions
trailer owners can pitch questions and gain insight from others that may have been in the same position
Best practices
Group buying opportunities as available
Discounted services
-graphic design
Opportunities for trailers
Upcoming events
New locations

Professional guest speakers covering topics including but not limited to:

City Code
Project Management

This is really an exciting step towards realizing’s mission of assisting Austin’s food trailers in their ventures, and I believe it will be a true benefit to the community. Want future info? Just fill out the form, and I’ll add you to the contact list!

Contact form removed 5/24/2011. For more info, check out the Alliance tab at the top of the page.

Love the food trailer alliance logo? I do! As a part of the alliance you’ll be eligible for discounted design rates from Michael Linan (the designer who put the logo together!)

Originally posted on April 28, 2011.