Austin Food Trailer Alliance

The number of food trailers in Austin is growing at an astonishing speed. Veterans are expanding with multiple trucks/trailers/brick and mortars, and new faces are embarking on their entrepreneurial journey in the world of trailers. There’s something about a non-air conditioned, metal box that contains a hot grill that’s just appealing to people! As more […]

Eat St. App is Food in Your Pocket

The food trailer phenomenon has received a steady stream of support from the cities that is has boomed including Portland, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin to name a few. With that rise of interest, mass media is beginning to dip into the food trailer scene as well. We’re seeing trailers from Taco Bell […]

Which Trailers Best Use Twitter?

SXSW led many Austinites through a series of events, conferences, meetings, acquaintances, opportunities and for some, blunders. The music and parties were definitely a blast, but what I really walked away with was the power of social media. Food trailers who participate greatly benefitted from their Twitter accounts, and in some cases, relied on it […]

Thwart Those Trailer Thieves

It is anything but a secret that Austin’s food trailers have faced their fair share of adversity over the past few months. As pioneers of the mobile vendor market in Austin, food trailer/cart/trucks are seeing what it’s like to be the first to experience misfortune. On the positive side, they are also helping all others […]

It’s Tough Being a Trailer

Austin food trailers carry an epic advantage when it comes to customers. When there aren’t any in their vicinity, they let the public know they are moving their truck/trailer on over to a concentration of people. For instance, during 1st Thursday, you don’t see Coolhaus hanging out at Zilker Park. They are exactly where they should be […]

Save the Best Wurst

Good Sunday everyone. As many of you may have heard, The Best Wurst is in some serious danger of having to close. That’s right, that delicious brat treat that you dream about and eventually eat on any given night of the week could be no more. Jon@TheBestWurst is asking everyone who can help to do so. […]