Eat All The Foods!

Eat All The Foods!

“Eat all the foods” is a mantra for Austinites in this city laden with exercise, sausages, pizza, tacos, sandwiches and edibles of all kinds. I’d prefer to acknowledge that we are not proliferating the American stigma of gluttony and excessive consumption but rather promoting local business one delicious bite at a time. That is why, this post is dedicated to entrepreneurs who are helping us stuff our faces by not only crafting delicious edibles, but also some slammin’ deals to help us keep our monthly bank statements in line.

Truck By Truck West

Many of you participated and posted some pretty impressive recaps of the event. We’re proud to have stood at food trailers and trucks alongside you during this amazing 1-week feast! For those of you who don’t know, TXTW was a 1-week event with over 60 trucks participating. All you needed to do was purchase a wristband, queue up at a participating truck, get your TXTW item, rinse and repeat 59 more times.

We were thrilled to be at Trailer Food Tuesdays to celebrate the victory of Hand Helds who earned themselves $10K by being the voter’s choice for the event. That’s a serious chunk of change for a truck that had only been open 3-weeks at the time of victory. Their victory validated TXTW as a leader in promoting local businesses. A truck that had only been around for a limited time won TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS on their own merit. No popularity contest. No embedded fanbase. They earned that award purely by the deliciousness of their food. The winning menu item was the Early Burg. A juicy burger dusted with fresh ground coffee, an over easy egg under a layer of handcrafted bacon jelly. In hindsight.. how could that not have won?

Be on the lookout for TXTW in 2015. They have announced that they have come to an agreement with the dreaded titan and fun-sponge (SXSW) about changing the name of TXTW for the next installment.

Austin Passbook

These guys came totally out of left field, but like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, we could not be happier to have them appear. These guys wrangled up a slew of local businesses to participate in an amazing 2for1 scheme. It’s super easy. Buy a Passbook. Grab a Friend. Eat/Explore with Friend and get a stamp.

The book is valid until Feb 28 and heavy hitters like 365 Things Austin and Austin Not helped put it together, so you know there’s some quality stuff in there! Food Trailers make up a large portion of the edibles in this passbook and after all is said and done you save over $150 in food from the trailers and trucks alone. Hell of a deal if you ask us.

Put the FUN in Fundraising

There are a handful of trucks taking a stab at going bigger and better! Check out their fundraising pages, pitch in and help them go from wheels to brick n mortar!

Tommy Want Wingy

Lucky Puccia’s

Full House BBQ

Eat It