Food Trailer Excursion in Austin

Food Trailer Excursion in Austin


Last week, a friend told me it was “National Grilled Cheese Month”. Being the patriotic boy that I am, I felt a sudden urgency to observe this sacred if still under publicized holiday. So, I set out on a quest with a very clear mission: to find the best grilled cheese in town. Lucky for us Austinites, Burro Cheese Kitchen makes this quest infinitely easier. Operating under the principles of combining the finest local breads and cheeses, and packed into a stylishly renovated shipping container, Burro really ups the ante on the grilled cheese. With my destination, and sandwich, in mind I hopped on my bike and headed for Burro, currently residing at the South Congress food trailer park. Along the way, I stopped by a few other trailers, new and well established, to check out the scene.

The first place I wanted to check out was the new Yeti Frozen Custard truck off S.1st. Nestled in the same spot as La Barbecue, just south of Elizabeth street, this hip new truck serves up all kinds of delicious custard flavors with an assortment of candy toppings, or in a fizzy float.

They even had a band playing, and free beer over at La Barbecue! Amazing BBQ, free beer, frozen custard, and live music. Who could argue with that!? If I hadn’t already decided on my destination, I surely would have spent just about all day here.

Just a little ways down South 1st, I stopped by our old favorite, Torchy’s where they’re gearing up for summer by providing complimentary umbrellas to shield their patrons from the sun as they wait line. Memories of Baja Shrimp tacos and their delicious queso danced around in my head, drawing me in with their siren’s song, but I was a man on a mission to sail the seas of cheese. Onward I travelled.

On the way, I spotted a few more places that tempted me with their delicious offerings, like Nomad Dosa. Have you ever had a dosa? One of my favorite Indian delicacies, they’re amazing, savory crepe-like wraps. Here, they offer all kinds of different stuffings, that I will definitely be going back to try very soon. They even have vegan friendly and gluten free options, so you can bring ALL your friends here!

I continued onward through the avenue of temptation that is the SOCO food trailer park, enjoying the sights and smells of each unique spot while I still can. Hey, there’s a pita spot! I like pitas! Never have I been so tempted and yet so determined than today. And finally, after only travelling about 2 miles from my home, yet being tempted by at least 4 different spots, I arrived at my destination…

And then all my will power went out the window… I had originally planned on trying the “Waylon and Willie”, a sandwich made with beer bread, redneck cheddar, gruyere, caramelized onions, pepperocinis, and spicy maple bacon sauce. My mouth is watering just typing that. But as soon as I approached the counter, my buddy Scott urged me to try the special: beer bread, with La Barbecue brisket, redneck cheddar, and mango serrano salsa. I said yes before he even finished his sentence. Ladies and gentlemen, the sandwich I just described, the one you see above, has got to be THE best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever tasted. And I grew up on grilled cheese. I gobbled this this gooey goodness almost as quickly as I decided on it, glad that I could do my part to celebrate what is now my favorite holiday. If you too would like to observe National Grilled Cheese Month in grand fashion, there is no better place to do it than Burro. Happy celebrating!