Food Trailer News October 2013

Food Trailer News October 2013

What’s shakin’ in Austin, TX? A lot actually. Trailer owners are inherently movers and shakers. Whether they take their talents to the trailer, retail, brick and mortar or to special projects we salute them. Below is a quick roundup of some news we’ve seen around town recently.

YetiPintsWe’re particularly proud of Yeti for jumping on the scene so recently and making BIG moves. These guys work their butts off, and they have a killer product with branding to match. If you want food trailer 101 on how to do it right… check them out.

Hell, we’re proud of all of these guys! Be sure to comment on their Facebook pages, retweet their Tweets and patronize their trailers.

The Vegan Nom – Eat St. Filming on October 11th at 120 East Northloop Bvld at 9:00AM

The Peached Tortilla Eat St. Filming on October 12th at Cedar Park Farmer’s Market at 9AM

Pretty Thai for a White Guy Eat St. Filming on October 14th at 5:00PM

Biscuits + Groovy – Eat St. Filming on October 15th at 5105 Duval Rd. at 9:30AM

Micklethwait Craft Meats & Spartan Pizza – Eat St. Filming TBD

Yeti Frozen Custard  – Launching Pints to Take Home all that Yeti Goodness

One Taco – Launches New Massive Trailer at Midway Food Park

Trailer Food Tuesdays – Last Event of the Season on October 29th

Truck by Truckwest – Starts October 29th. One badge, tons of food from TONS of trailers. Pick your favorite to give them a chance at the $10K prize.

Curly’s Perfect Pig & Hall of Flame BBQ – Collaborate on New Brick and Mortar, Curly’s Carolina, in Round Rock.

Mexyko – Korean Meats Mexican is Now Open at the Austin Food Park

Cluckin’ Crazy – Hot Wings,  Now Open at the Austin Food Park

Cluckin’ Waffle – Has launched their IndieAGoGo Campaign to Raise Money to Buy their Trailer

Have some news we missed? Be sure to comment it below.