Food Trailers to Kick Off Football Season

Food Trailers to Kick Off Football Season

Let me ask you one question and one question only. Are you ready for some football!? A Friday-Monday Night Parttaaayyyy. Okay, enough of that. But seriously as the football season is upon us it’s time to consider what you’re going to be eating.

There’s always the go-to pre-game bars and restaurants that you’ve hit up for years, but have you considered catering, pick-up or even tailgating at a food truck before the game? A lot of trucks have BYOB (cheap booze option) and delicious food that is TOTALLY game day appropriate. Without further ado, we have our Top 5 recommendations for pre-game noms.

In no particular order…

1. Tommy Want Wingy

A food trailer that specializes in wings is heavenly. Let’s be honest, what goes better with football than hot wings? NOTHING. That’s what. With a menu item like “Holy Schnikes” how can you go wrong?

2. Way South Philly

With two rockin’ locations for WSP, East 6th and Waller and Barton Springs Neighborhood Food Court, WSP is read to dole out some cheesesteak punches for everyone involved. Who knows, if you’re lucky there may even be some Yuenging there for ya.

3. La Barbecue

This is Texas, and few things represent Texas better than Football and Barbecue. For that reason we highly encourage La Barbecue. A larger than life covered seating area and a fresh keg-o-beer will really go well with their kick ass barbecue. Located on S 1st it will give you that dramatic drive/walk towards the stadium with grease stained fingers and loaded bellies. Now, who’s ready to eat some pig skin?

4. Guac-N-Roll

What’s a football party without some guacamole? This isn’t your pre-packaged guac that you find at good ol’ HEB. No, this is premium, pristine, cuisine. The finest guac you’ve ever had, and it’s available for you. Get a to-go order for you party, call in a catering gig or hire them for your tailgate. This is no joke. You’ve never had guac like this.

5. Blue Dog Pizza

P P P P Pizza my friends! You thought I’d forget about Pizza? No way. Pizza is to football like football is to America, totally necessary. Blue Dog Pizza is one of those trailers that kills it day in and day out. They are open for noon lunch (heat permitting) and you can even grab dinner until 10pm. The trailer park is BYOB & they aim to stream or at the least have the game audio on. Their pies are exquisite, and not going there before at least one game is a sin, and it will make the horns lose. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Got another favorite go-to pre-game trailer? Let us know in the comments. We’re always looking for a new way to fill up before we kick off.