Goodbye CoolHaus, A Summer Meltdown

Goodbye CoolHaus, A Summer Meltdown

As some folks may know, we book trucks for a lot of events around town including the Hops & Grain Tap Room, Austin AzTex matches and Trailer Food Tuesdays.

While creating our line-up for the 2015 Trailer Food Tuesdays, we reached out to one of our cornerstone trucks in town, CoolHaus. They have, without a doubt, been one of the anchor trucks at nearly every event that we can book them for.

When attempting to book them for 2015, we received a curious reply from CoolHaus when we invited them out about a week ago:

Thanks for reaching out and thinking of us!  We unfortunately won’t be participating in TFT (Trailer Food Tuesdays) this year.  It has been a joyous ride, but we are no longer booking events in Austin after May 31st. However, our roots here run deep, and you can find our products at stores like Central Market, Sprouts, Fresh Plus and many more.
Thanks so much for all the love and support throughout the years!
In our optimistic mentality, we just assumed this meant that their trucks were going to be stationary at The Midway Food Park and that was that. Sadly, Eater Austin confirmed that the trucks will in fact be pulled off the road after that date.
Little did we consider that this meant our beloved ice cream architects are departing us all together. Sure, they’re still going to be available at retailers, but I can’t say it will be the same.
Long story short, you have until May 31 to get a fresh ice cream sammie from your local CoolHaus. Note that they are no longer open at The Midway and Austin Scoops has stepped in to fulfill your ice cream needs. 


Side note

Not the best way to kick off summer, but the FYI Truck will also be off the roads for the summer. They are no longer going ot be roving, but they will pick up large catering or corporate events.