Hashtag Trailer Guide

Hashtag Trailer Guide

The Twitter #hashtag guide to trailer eats and treats.  Hashtags are extremely useful to filter your Twitter feed and help you find the information you seek. With so many fantastic resources of information in town, it’s about time we made an attempt to standardize the communications. By coming together and using these tags we’ll make it easy for trailers to be spotted and promote themselves in one unified, standardized and simplified way.

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New trailers in town

New item added to menu. For instance, East Side King’s new wings at The Grackle

Trailers know how to get a party started. Who remembers the awesomeness that was East Side Drive-In? Kegs, food, video games, music and more. Surely other trailer events take place, lets find ‘em

Oh boy… the all important challenge. Grant it, these challenges deserve their own hashtags. In order to find these and pair them with the event-specific tag let’s implement

That trip to the inspection can scare some patrons when their favorite trailer is no longer there. Don’t fret! They’ll be back.

Sometimes, stuff breaks.

The saddest of the sad… Some trailers just have to close.

Trailers who are selling their rig

Braving the rain? Be sure to use this tag if you’re a trailer or visiting one who is open.

Those trailers are basically ovens under the sun. If there’s a trailer open willing to risk heatstroke just to please your taste buds, they deserve a tweet with this hashtag.

Okay… let’s be honest. How often does this even happen? Our Austin “cold” is a joke, but hey… you never know.

Help all those visitors and yourself find trailers. Truth is, they’re not where they normally are, and this hashtag will help you filter results to be identified or identify new locations and hours.





Originally posted on January 9, 2013.