Identify the La Barbecue Port-O-Let Vandals

Identify the La Barbecue Port-O-Let Vandals

This past weekend was amazing in Austin, as usual. Unfortunately, a few bad eggs really screw things up for the rest of us. One of Austin’s favorite BBQ joints, La Barbecue, was vandalized by the scummiest of scum.

The video posted by La Barbecue shows a group of 4 folks, 2 of which enter the property to do what? TIP OVER THE PORT-O-LET. Why you ask? Perhaps they were searching for the rest of their crew steeping at the bottom of the bowl. Get the innuendo? They are shit.

We shared an image on Twitter yesterday that has over 60 RT, please continue to share. Additionally, the big guns Austin 360 and Eater Austin posted on their blogs today. Let’s identify these folks and let big stinky justice catch up.

Per Austin 360 and Eater, call (512) 605-9696 or drop La Barbecue an email if you recognize anyone in it.

Upon closer inspection by Way South Philly, the girl in the video seems to be holding a pizza box. It looks somewhat small, so it could very possibly be from Via 313. The massive locks on one male and the ridiculous mohawk on the other should make them easy to spot. Let’s get to it Austin.

Here is the video:

Here is a photo of their “tag” via Eater


We also got tipped off by one of Austin’s newer parks, East 7th Eats located at 1403 East 7th (right around the corner) that their park was also vandalized with knocked over port-o-lets. Likely, the same pooprotators.

Let’s find these guys (and girl).