It’s Your Birthday!

You probably have a birthday this year or at least know someone who does.  My birthday was just last week and the best part about it is being treated like a celebrity for 24 hours.  Justified or not, I’ve come to feel entitled to some free stuff on my birthdays (you know you have too!), and our much-adored food trucks aren’t immune.  However, somewhat surprisingly, the mobile mavericks aren’t as forthcoming as one might expect with birthday celebrations.

Trailers around Austin seem to be all over the map when it comes to celebrating birthdays.  Swing by DOGellos on your big day and you might get a candle in your chili dog and a dollar off, but don’t expect them to sing, clap, or tell you you’re special (it’s written into their policy manual that all of the above are strictly prohibited).  Elixer Coffee will treat you to a cheery “Happy Birthday!” and ask about any plans you have, but no freebies (yet).

Lots of places are certainly open to celebrating with you, but they seem to take it on a birthday-by-birthday basis.  Short Bus Subs has been known to serve up a sammie or two on the house and has even given a SBS t-shirt to a long-time regular customer.  Lil’ Mama’s Delicious Desserts is considering her options to make your birthday just a little bit brighter by way of caramel fudge brownies.

What this all means is don’t be shy on your birthday and get the word out.  At worst you’ll get a friendly “happy birthday!”, and at best you could be the lucky recipient of a free wiener!  Who knows, spreading your joy may get more trailers advertising some birthday goodies, which will make everyone’s birthday that much better.

Originally posted on September 12, 2011.