Keeping Your Cool at Trailers

Keeping Your Cool at Trailers

Who would have guessed the Summer Solstice would be our first shot at a sub 100 degree day in nearly 9 days. The sun’s relentless dedication to frying us like bacon (you freshmen piggies) has impacted the way we approach leisure activities. Some people turn to Barton Springs, Deep Eddy, Big Stacy or other watering holes to keep cool. Other people simply turn to the comfort of their A/C units and watch the radiating heat wreak havoc on their front lawn through their window.

Bottom line, the heat has an inevitable impact on the amount of time people spend outdoors. As a result, trailers are unfortunately experiencing the collateral damage of decreased foot traffic throughout our city. Thankfully, there are some solutions for trailers & consumers to implement to keep that sweat off your brow.

For Consumers

  1. 1. BYOCWIB: What do you mean you don’t know that acronym? Fine, I’ll explain it. It’s Bring Your Own Cooler With Icewater & Bandanas. Sure, we know that many of trailers are BYOB, but have you thought of taking a separate cooler to keep you cool? Chilled bandanas can be placed on the back of your neck or wrapped around your wrists to cool you down! It’s a cheap solution that really gets the job done.
  2. 2. Call Your Order In: You don’t have to wait in the heat all the time. Many of the trailers offer call-in orders much like they do when the weather is too rainy or cold. By calling your order in, you’re giving the trailers time to get your meal ready from the comfort of your office, home or car.
  3. 3. Order Spicy Food: Sure, the solution of a snowcone, leafy greens and fruits like watermelon come to mind to eat in the middle of the summer. Did you ever consider eating something spicy? Although it’s not the first solution to come to mind, it makes perfect sense. Spicy food induces sweating ,which is your body’s natural way of cooling you down.

For Trailers

  1. 1. Maintain the Flow: There are few things worse than stale, hot and humid air. A simple solution is to get a breeze going. Plug in a fan and point it in the direction of you or your patrons. Have a small fan at your order counter to keep those in line cool too! Fan not cutting it? Consider freezing gallon jugs of water and putting the ice in a shallow bucket in front of a fan. The fan will blow the cool air in the direction you choose. Want something fancier? If you’re willing to front the cost, or split the cost among your lot the ideal solution is a Port-A-Cool. They are available for daily and monthly rentals in Austin in several places.
  2. 2. Made in the Shade: The sun isn’t going to stop beating down on anyone out of pity. However,  providing some shade to those waiting in line and eating is definite must-have for this summer. There are several options that can be found at the local hardware store. You can use anything from a pop-ten, to more permanent fixtures like these. Either way you look at it, keeping your customers cool is vital to keeping them coming back.
  3. 3. Where is Your Seating? Strategically placing your seating away from things that radiate heat is also a good, simple approach. Remember that concrete, large stones and metal objects heat up like crazy in this weather. Try to make sure your cool seating isn’t being trumped  by objects nearby.

Have tips of your own? Let’s hear ‘em. Add them to the comments section! The best tip for Originally posted on June 21, 2011.