Love 2for1

Love 2for1

February, the month of love, roses, chocolates, the Austin Marathon and delightful dinners with your significant other. Just because  Valentine’s day is here and you really want to have a special night doesn’t mean that it has to be a top dollar dinner plagued with Edwardian servers running about. Nay, this is the month of love. Unbridled appreciation for your significant other where the real value is the moment and the company… and the food. Let’s not forget about the food.

As we know, the days of Zagat-rated restaurants holding the finest meals at ransom are long gone. Today, delicious dining can be found just about anywhere. This has been proven by Paul Qui with the East Side King/Uchikoparadox.  This brings me to the purpose of this article. The blossoming concept that Valentine’s can be had just about anywhere. If a picnic in the park is romantic, why not a picnic bench with large lights strewn above, a checkered linen and a chef learning about your culinary likes and dislikes, providing recommendations and gleefully sneaking away to their kitchen?

Trailers provide just as romantic as an experience as a bustling restaurant with candlelit tables and rose petal decorated tables. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good meal, but some times it’s nice to change it up. As one of our favorite columns, Booze A La Cart, describes there’s much to be had at these tiny tin eateries. You’re able to bring your own drink to many of them. When you combine great food, service, company and price… there’s really very little to complain about.

That is why we’re urging trailer owners to offer at least one item on their menu at a 2for1 price on Valentine’s day. We’re calling this #LOVE2for1. On February 14th, visit any of the trailers listed below for your lunch or dinner. Simply ask for their LOVE2for1 deal, and be amazed.


This list will be expanding, so check back often!

Ah La Cart: LOVE2for1 Special Valentine’s Dinner: $25 Pick (2) Cart Greens Salad/Mac N Cheese | Pick (2) Sandwiches | Add a pair of salty balls for just $2!

Biscuits & Groovy: LOVE2for1 Heart-shaped biscuits on Valentine’s Day. LOVE2for1 on the “Bee Gees”. They’ll also be doing a free fourth biscuit on any biscuit dish for sharing.

Colibri Cuisine: LOVE2for1 Quesadillas | 8pm-3am on w.6th&nueces.

Fried and True: LOVE2for 1 Cinnamon Buns | Four for $4! | 95 Rainey St.

Gonzo Juice: LOVE2for1 Pig roast Sammy two for one and watermelon orange lemon(melon patch) two for one

Little Big Mikes: LOVE2for1 Pizzas | Mention LOVE2for1 at the window and get 2 pies for the price of 1 | Gibson St. near Perla’s

Peached TortillaNew “Likes” on FB get a free taco via 365 Things To Do in Austin

Snarky’s Moo Bawk Oink: LOVE2for1, redeem by mentioning LOVE2for1 | The NATY

South First Food Court: LOVE2for1 | Dinner for Two for $30. (One Appetizer, Two Entrees, and One Dessert.) Combining Blue Dog Pizza, Lard Have Mercy & Nettie’s Place, a Romantic Movie, and Free Wine.

*Want your trailer on this list? Shoot us an email info(at)foodtrailersaustin(dot)com

Originally posted on February 8, 2013.