New Parks, New Locations for Austin

New Parks, New Locations for Austin

There is a lot happening in the Austin food trailer scene right now. Although the industry as a whole experienced a mighty big shake up last year with the closing of SoCo Park and other favorites, it has come back bigger and stronger.

This resilience has been spearheaded by a few faithful property owners that are hell bent on creating purpose-built food trailer parks. The trend began with Rancho Rio Eatery and followed up by The Midway Food Park. Both of these beautiful parks are groomed, curated and offer plenty to any visitor.

Most recently, The Picnic has landed on Barton Springs. With it, some of Austin’s most notable trucks and trailers have began to serve. The Picnic boasts a star-studded lineup of:

But that’s not all…. two new trailer parks have also opened up on the East Side of town. Right across from the 6th and Waller park, there is a new player in the game. This park is slated as a temporary park that will be open anywhere from 6 – 12 months. East 6th Eats boasts a massive lot and offers rent as low as $350/month for food trucks. The park is currently taking applications via email.

Additionally, a brand new park called East 7th Eats has opened. This park is located at 1403 East 7th St. It’s a cute little park with luscious grass and two nice trees. Their first tenant moved in last week, and it’s the Unconventional Oven. East 7th Eats is also taking applications via email for a rockin’ $450/month right now.

EDIT: OMG Cheesecakery, Aunt Fanny’s and a breakfast taco trailer are now at East 7th Eats as of 06/11/14. 

A recent move by Trai Mai Thai has sparked off a new trailer park as well. The Rad Radam Food Court located at 617 Radam Ln. has recently kicked off with a great big bang. Park curators Trai Mai Thai have brought in Dr. Soupwich, and they are seeking a taco trailer! Contact Trai Mai Thai for more info.

Phew, all these updates. There is also a very, very, very well done outdoor trailer that serves some Japanese Cuisine called Kyōten. They can be found 1211 East 6th St.

Straight from Chicago, the FYI Truck, a do-it-yourself Froyo truck is slated to open on Tuesday April 8, 2014 at Breakpoint at the Boardwalk. They are teed up to be one of the leading trucks in Austin desserts next to Cow Tipping Creamery.

Lastly, you can now find The Celia Jacobs Cheesecake Experience at The Midway Austin.

Photo: Screenshot from MOVE by Rick Mereki
EDIT: Added Austin Skinny Limits & Corrected name of Turf n Surf Po Boy