New Trailer Destination 78748

New Trailer Destination 78748

So there’s a new haven is in the process of being built at 10212 Manchaca Rd. that will house sand volleyball, horseshoes, washers, picnic areas, commissary kitchen, ice machine, permanent restroom facilities, shower facilities and basically anything that a food trailer owner/operator needs and what a consumer would want.   Timothy Davis, Illustrator and Designer, released some wicked good renderings of the upcoming recreation area calledMoontower Saloon on his website

The concept is simple; develop a location with acreage, facilities, food and booze. Basically, an all-inclusive destination that keeps you from jumping from point A to point B to point C to point I’m exhausted of driving/walking in this heat. The concept seems solid, and the renderings are beautiful. An elegant description of “the gently sloping 3 acre park-like site is covered with mature overhanging oaks” also generates some interest. There’s nothing quite as intriguing as talks of shade in this heat apocalypse that we live in.

It seems like a grand idea, and hopefully it goes off without a hitch. Food trailers in Austin are face an unprecedented amount of obstacles that are unforeseen and often difficult to adapt to without significant disruption of regular operation. My two cents for the Moontower Saloon are:

Trailer lots are often located in high-density, high-traffic area (both foot and motor). With the Moontower Saloon located South of Slaughter on Manchaca (approximately 11 miles from the State Capitol) it may predominately cater to people located in the surrounding Hays County and 78748 areas. According to Timothy Davis, the area is “curiously underserved by restaurants and retail and yet has added 8 thousand single family homes in the last few years.” The area is certainly strip mall dominant and begging for a bit of Austin flavor, and according to the rendering on the website, there will be room for four trailersto bring in traffic. However, driving down there for a non-78748 person when there is an option of a trailer park near city center is up to the patron.

From the look of the renderings, the trailer food area is located with its back to Manchaca Rd, which is fantastic. However, the aforementioned mature overhanging oaks maybe be blocking the view from the street. From my experience, visibility is one of the highest rated values of a trailer park. The most successful parks in Austin have that visibility from the road including South First Trailer Park & Eater, East Side Drive-In, South Congress Trailer Park and SoFi Food Court . The reason is that patrons can not only see the trailers, but they can also see if the trailers are open by merely driving by.  I’ve only seen photos of the site, and it doesn’t seem to be a huge issue, it just depends on how the trailers are oriented. This isn’t really a “problem” per say, because it can easily be skirted by having the trailers partially face the road, trimming trees and signage. It’s merely food for thought.

On the plus side, there seems to be ample parking, air conditioning in the saloon, entertainment for the little ones and not so little ones and more. The perks for trailers are also a dream come true (once it’s built) including the value of an on-site commissary kitchen.  In my opinion, this is a great addition to the food trailer scene in Austin, and I’m psyched about it! Now, the burning question. What’s it cost, to get situated here?

Know more (like the date this is slated to open?), behind this marvelous project? Send me an email!

Originally posted on July 18, 2011.