Pardon Our Dust

Pardon Our Dust

Hi and welcome to 2014 guys! 2013 was a smashing year for food trailers, and we couldn’t be happy to have been a part of it. Since the  new year has rolled by we’ve had our fair share of news, updates, launches and closures. Much like the mobile food industry in Austin, is experiencing some updates. We’re here to hash them all out for you and let you know where we sit.

Here are some common questions you may be asking yourself:

What the heck happened to the map on the home page? No worries! It’s certainly not going away. We’re currently updating the site to better serve you with current information and accurate locations. For the time being, we have disabled the map. Fear not! We’ll be back up and running by the first week of February.

Did the menus on each trailer page go away? Not at all! Being the brilliant web developer that I am (I’m not. I’m terrible). I made a mistake and deleted the icon we were using for menus. The menus are still there. They are the ugly “?” mark underneath each trailer description. I apologize for the ugliness, but we’ll have that fixed by February as well!

I uploaded my trailer, and it’s not on the site yet. Ah yes, in order to ensure accurate information we screen all submitted trailers for complete profiles, accurate descriptions and key information (address, phone, hours of operation). If you submitted a trailer, it will be up soon. We may contact you if information is missing!

How is trailer info updated? Any owners who created their own profiles after March 2013 have direct access to their profiles. We are no longer needed to make updates! Trailers can simply log in, update their info and publish. Any trailers added prior to March 2013 can contact us directly. After February 3rd ALL trailers will be able to update their posts independently.

Is there anything new coming with the update? Yes there is! It’s mostly user friendly updates that allow for more accurate portrayal of information. However, we are adding a new monthly report called News & ‘Bits. This monthly compilation will showcase upcoming trailer events, grand openings and what we have chosen to call the ‘bits (the obituaries). These are trailers who have closed that month.

Have any suggestions for the new site update? Let us know in the comments below!