Save the Best Wurst

Good Sunday everyone.

As many of you may have heard, The Best Wurst is in some serious danger of having to close. That’s right, that delicious brat treat that you dream about and eventually eat on any given night of the week could be no more. Jon@TheBestWurst is asking everyone who can help to do so.

How can you help? Well, you can start by mentioning to Mr. Lee Leffingwell at your next backyard barbecue, golf round, dignitary dinner or even while you sit on his couch and listen to the Johnny Cash’s greatest hits that The Best Wurst is a 6th St. institution that is a model member of the Austin entrepreneurial scene and the epitome of an abiding establishment. For the rest of us, you can head over to The Best Wurst for instructions on how you can keep this Austin landmark alive. All it takes is a brief moment of your time to write in to Mr. Leffingwell. It will help wonders. Fans and owners of food trailers are already combating other accusations. Lets not let this be an easy win for Parkside Restaurant.

Have another idea on how we can help? Write in using our contact form or follow us on Twitter to spread the word.

Lets get moving Austin.


First published on July 11, 2010.