South Congress Trailers’ Time is Up

South Congress Trailers’ Time is Up

It’s been a long time coming that the trailers on South Congress would be moving out. We’ve been covering this story for over a year, and the tune hasn’t changed. Austin trailers are being pushed out to usher development. Despite the popular petition by Brian Nelligan that has garnered over 9,000 signatures on the online petition site, the trailers are still slated to get up, get out and find a new home.

The newly announced move out is May 25th. According to the notification issued by SoCo ATX Development, vendors have been told they need to vacate the premises by that date. A few of our local favorites have already found refuge at purpose-built trailer parks. For example, you can still get your favorite coned treats at Rancho Rio Eatery.

This is certainly an end of an era, and like many, we’re sad to see the trailer park go. Truth be told, the trailers were merely visitors on this lot. During a struggling economy trailer parks proliferated. Now, as the money flows back in to pockets, development is king. Despite the unfortunate news of this park vacating we must remember that location is not what keeps trailers in business, it’s patrons.

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