South Congress Trailers – Where are they now?

South Congress Trailers – Where are they now?

This week, after a 2-day extension, Austin’s own South Congress trailers were given the ol’ boot. I won’t bore you with details, because we’ve all been made aware of the reason that our beloved gastro-satisfiers have departed. Yet another new structure, which I can only assume will be laden with sleek clean lines and hypoallergenic cacti imported from the most exotic corners of the world, will be thrust upon an otherwise modest and quirky strip of Austin. Oh, I’m sorry, did my bitterness show? Before I get all riled up, let’s get back to business.

Where are the trailers to go? Lucky for us, a good amount have already found new homes. Unlike Punky Brewster & Winnie Cooper, SoCo trailers yearn to push past their early success and extend food-wielding ways in the most legen…wait for it…dary of ways, a-la Neil Patrick Harris. Below is what we know of the trailers as of today, May 29, 2013. Although some have found permanent homes, there are others still searching. Take a gander and keep a close eye on the site for new location announcements.

Austin South Congress Food Trailers – Where they moved

Burro Cheese Kitchen – 1221 South Congress Avenue
Coat & Thai – Undecided, but they claim they will announce soon on their Facebook page
Hey Cupcake! – 1511 South Congress
Mighty Cone – 2512 Rio Grande St, Rancho Rio Eatery
Nomad Dosa – 2512 Rio Grande St, Rancho Rio Eatery
Short Bus Subs – Undecided, but you can catch them at their other locations!
Taco Baby – Lamar & Bluebonnet
The Original New Orleans Po-Boy & Gumbo Shop –
Wurst Tex – Undecided, but you can catch them at their second location!

SoCo trailers weren’t the only folks experiencing a lot closure. The fine folks at the Longhorn Food Court near campus also shuttered. Here’s what we know of their whereabouts:

Moses Falafel – Hiatus, and they are looking to open a brick n mortar
Capital City Bakery – 1110 East 12th Street
Conscious Cravings – 5715 Burnet Road

There are also some great new trailer parks that have opened in the past year that you may not yet be privy too. Have you had a chance to check out the newest addition Break Point? There’s also Rancho Rio Eatery and Moontower Saloon.

What do you think of this shake-up?