Summit Oaks Proposes New Regulations

Summit Oaks Proposes New Regulations

As more food trailers take to the streets in Austin, more previously vacant lots have become the nexus of culinary cuisine. Changes, growth and overall expansion of the food trailer industry and the lots that house them have also faced their fair share of push back from outside parties.

Most recently, the Summit Oaks Neighborhood Association in Northwest Austin is requesting the city impose additional regulations upon the trailer parks if they decide to move to their area. According to Austin Business Journal and their latest piece, Austin food trailers face more rules; Leonard Schulter of Summit Oaks Neighborhood Association has prompted the newly proposed rules for residential areas.

Aside from lighting, trailer park regulations in residential areas are non-existent. Additional regulations that can be requested by neighborhood associations limit hours of operation and physical distance from residential homes. Generally speaking, the new regulations require the following:

  1. 1. Trailers must be located a minimum of 50ft from homes
  2. 2. Trailers may operate from 6am to 10pm if within 300ft of homes
  3. 3. Trailers may operate until 3am if further than 300ft from homes

Out of courtesy, it seems as though many of the trailer parks throughout Austin already stick by these rules. It’s only fitting that trailer parks such as the East Side Drive-in stay open until 3am due to their location and bar clientele. Meanwhile eateries such as South Austin Trailer Park Eatery, SoFi Food Court and the food trailer lot located on South Congress close much earlier since they are located in primarily residential areas. Although these are new regulations, I do not see them posing a problem for the trailer industry. At the moment, everyone seems to be cohabitating quite nicely and the Summit Oaks neighborhood is the only to apply for the stricter regulations according to Austin Business Journal.

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Originally posted on June 28, 2011.