Super Sweet Food Trailers Austin Trailer Package

Super Sweet Food Trailers Austin Trailer Package has been eating, chatting, meeting, laughing and getting to know trailer owners, patrons and aficionados from all around the world for the past three years. Much like we’ve supported local business and driven entrepreneurs, our fans and friends have supported us too. As a result, we thought we’d commemorate our 4,000 Twitter followers!

As of this post, we’re at 3,902 Twitter followers on @FoodTrailersATX. Through that handle we let you guys know the skinny when it comes to food trailers around town. Slowly but surely we’ve grown, and we hope the inevitable happens soon; reaching 4,000.

When that moment hits we will use our super secret random number generator also known as Mike’s brain to select 1 of our 4,000 Twitter followers to win a Super Sweet Food Trailers Austin Trailer Package! This package has been donated by some of Austin’s finest trailers, and we’re happy to have put it together for you, our fearless fans.

Here is what’s in the Super Sweet Food Trailers Austin Trailer Package

(1) Garbo’s Maine Lobster T-Shirt

(1) Torchy’s Taco Burn Card ($15)

(1) Fried and True – Gift Card & Sticker Pack

(1) Yeti Frozen Custard T-Shirt

(1) Cow Tipping Creamery Stacker of Your Choice & T-Shirt

(1) Guac n Roll drink, guacamole, tamale & a T-Shirt

(2) Velveteen Coffee Drink Tickets

(1) Rockaway Beach Large Shaved Ice & a T-Shirt

(1) Way South Philly cheesesteak & a T-Shirt

(1) The Peached Tortilla T-Shirt

(1) Hey! You Gonna Eat That or What? – Dinner for 2 (2 Sammies & 2 Drinks)

(1) Curly’s Perfect Pig – $15 Gift Card

(1) Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook of your choice

That’s right folks. All of this is going to be won by ONE PERSON. How does it work?

It’s that easy. If we hit 4,000 followers by June 25th, we’ll give away the Super Sweet Food Trailers Austin Trailer Package away at this month’s Trailer Food Tuesdays at The Long Center!

The winner will be contacted via Twitter. Thanks to our fabulous trailers for their kind donations.

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