The Mobile Food Throwdown a Recap

The Mobile Food Throwdown a Recap

First and foremost, let’s start this one off with a resounding THANK YOU to everyone who helped, attended and celebrated Saturday with us.


On Saturday Feb 22nd, two of Austin’s most iconic food trucks prepped their menus, rolled out and popped open their doors to go head-to-head in the first ever Mobile Food Throwdown for the title of Best Asian Fusion in Austin. Both Chi’Lantro BBQ and The Peached Tortilla threw everything they had to make this an amazing event, and we couldn’t have been happier with the result.

The Peached Tortilla _ Throwdown

As far as Austin goes, the day could not have been any better. The sun was out, the mosquitos were still dead and the food/beer were flowing. A collection of Austin’s food community was there including A Taste of Koko, Thrillist, Scrumptious Chef, Hungry Todd Rungy, Bitch Beer Blog and many more. The amazing venue, The Draught House Pub & Brewery boasted an impressive selection of beers on tap to keep everyone 21+ properly hydrated and lubricated for the afternoon. We were lucky enough to have the support of New Belgium Brewery and their killer new year-around beer, Snapshot Wheat, for ticket purchasers.

Throwdown Team

Both trucks boasted an impressive menu, and as it turns out, $20-$28 got you a long way on event day. I mean, my goodness, the portions of food were impressive and it was definitely an all-out binge fest of delicious food and beer at the event. As participants checked in they were greeted by the incredible riffs blasting from the Jambulance ERuption. Wristbands were strapped on, beer was poured and everyone went on their way. The food from both trucks was truly something to write home about. Honestly, write home. Let people know of the incredible food we have in Austin. As a neutral party, I was very very happy to simply eat the food and enjoy it without having to worry about voting. Phew! Kimchi fries, brisket tacos, pork belly and chicken drumsticks? Yes, that and so much more. I am notoriously a terrible food critic, but I know this, that food was f*#^%@! delicious.

The event ambiance was bolstered by freebies from Trailer Food Diaries, Bird’s Barbershop, Austin Eats Food Tours and Kong Screen Printing  and general shenanigans by me on a microphone. Who knew it’d be so much fun?!

As for the food, any and all expectations can be considered heavily exceeded.  Each truck agreed to serve one normal menu item and one event-specific special.  Chi’Lantro came with their heavy-hitting Kimchi Fries, packed with intense flavor from the beef, kimchi, grilled onions, magic sauce, AND sriracha… all on top of a mound of fries!  Their special was Drunken Korean Fried Chicken Wing Pops, battered in Tito’s Vodka and Austin Beer Works.  Damn.  The spiciness level from each one was a wake-up call and was perfectly quenched by the New Belgium Snapshot.

Drunken Korean Fried Chicken Wing Pops

Kimchi Fries


The Peached Tortilla’s response was equally impressive.  From the menu came the BBQ Brisket Taco with apple slaw and peach BBQ sauce on a flour tortilla.  The special, and boy was it special, was a Pork Belly Tartine with pineapple herb slaw, Hawaiian BBQ sauce, kewpie mayo, and pickled radish.  Good grief, talk about bringing it.

BBQ Brisket Taco Pork Belly Tartine

With all the votes in, it felt like it was going to be very close.  256 ballots were cast, and the trucks were separated by only 10 votes!  In the end there could only be one fan favorite.  And that fan favorite was:

chilantro is the winner

Congratulations Chi’Lantro BBQ on the big win!

The Mobile Food Throwdown, much like the local community, showcased what Austin’s young entrepreneurs can do with a collaborative effort. We all work together to be successful, because truthfully, without one another the road would be a lot bumpier and less pleasing to navigate. I cannot thank you all enough for making the event what it was. Without you, it would have just been one weird guy on a microphone yelling at beer-drinking patrons.

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