Trailers Contribute to the Art of Austin

Trailers Contribute to the Art of Austin

Recently relocated to South 1st from the bustling madness that is South Lamar, Bufalo Bob’s Chalupa Wagon serves up some of Austin’s most unique fare. If you’ve ever woken up thinking “I could really go for a bison chalupa”, then you’ve either already stumbled upon Bufalo Bob’s or you are destined to. Bufalo Bob’s not only contributes to Austin’s unique food scene through a stellar menu, it also embraces Austin’s art scene through the addition of the first Austin-centric trailer mural. We caught up with RJ Oliver, owner of Bufalo Bob’s Chalupa Wagon to chat about the iconic mural that dons his trailer.

What inspired you to have a mural on the side of the trailer?
This is Austin the capital of live music and the arts.  I wanted to
stand out as a new business and pay homage to the town I live in and
love. It is also a tribute to Keeping Austin Weird.

Austin has a lot of murals. Are there any murals in town that you
found inspiring?
The murals around the University.  Graduating from U.T. seeing visual
art on the sides of buildings or walls was common and I always liked
it when someone would conciously take something as mundane as a wall
and turn it into a piece of art for everyone to share.

Is there any particular reason you chose to have Texas music icons,
do they mean anything specific to you?
I wanted to create a tribute to those musicians who helped make Austin
the live music capital of the world.  The musicians pictured I have
seen play live and I believe have had a great influence on the local
music seen, along with many others. Most of them I saw live at the old Armadillo World Headquarters which is why they are riding armadillo mounts in the round-up.

Who was the artist that painted it, and who are the musical artists
Michael Peschka is the fabulous artist who created the masterpiece.
Using only 4 cans of Rustoleum Paint (red, blue, yellow and black) and
a set of brushes that he carefully cherished he created the mural on
my trailer.  The musicians and songwriters depicted in the mural from
left to right are: Willie Nelson, Carolyn Wonderland, Lou Ann Barton,
Delbert McClinton, Gary P. Nunn, Jerry Jeff Walker, Lyle Lovett, Doug
Sahm, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ray Benson and Marcia Ball.  My portrait is
in the center as a dream of a lifetime, riding with Austin’s finest.

About how many man hours did it take to complete?

That’s hard to say because it was an on going project over a couple of
months.  Michael began the mural in May by prepping the surface and
pencilling in a rough sketch of the mural then putting in the
background.  Then in June he had business in California and was gone
for about six weeks and returned.  He continued to progress and fill
in each musician and the final touches were added in mid-September
before the ACL festival.  Michael worked at his own pace, and I
respected that I was working with an artist and let him finish.  If I
were to guess I would think that Michael put in 100 to 120 hours
creating the masterpiece.

Is that you in the middle?! Do people recognize you?
Yes, that is a portrait of me in the middle.  After they have bought a
chalupa or nacho they recognise that I am in the center.  But I have
to also explain that while I do play, I am only there as a perc to the
one paying for the creation of the artwork.  Everyone seems to think
that it’s O.K. for me to be riding with Austin’s finest since I paid
for it.

If you could paint a mural on both sides of your trailer, what would the other side have?
I have actually been thinking about that because there is to much
white space on my trailer. I have thought about another tribute or
perhaps a mural promoting the business.  Whatever it is I can assure
you I will make sure it is alignment with Keeping Austin Weird.

To see the full gallery of Bufalo Bob’s mural painting check out their Facebook page! Even better, check them out in person! Bufalo Bob’s Chalupa Wagon is located at 603 West Live Oak St. (off of S. 1st). They are open TU-TH:11am – 8pm and FR-SA: 11am – 10pm.

Along with some of the finest artwork in Austin, Bufalo Bob’s Chalupa

Wagon has the best tasting Bison, Chicken, and Vegetarian Chalupas in
town free of artificial ingredients, hormones and antibiotics.

Originally posted on November 28, 2011