Wanna Get Hitched?

Food trailers in Austin are known to satisfy your endless need for food. As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs depicts, Way South Philly has been satisfying your physiological need of food and drink for some time now. Naturally, the next step for Willy, owner of Way South Philly, is to step the game up and assist in satisfying another need. The need for LOVE! That’s right folks, aside from being your go-to spot for the most delicious Philly Cheesesteaks in town, Way South Philly is now your “Little White Wedding Chapel” located right in Austin.

Recently ordained, Willy has opened up his trailer for you and your mate to well… get hitched! It’s all legit too. I have to say, this is definitely a first when it comes to the trailer communities throughout the states. The first loving couple to be at the trailer will be Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Cantu Sunday January 29th at 4pm. These two afficionados (of cheesesteaks and love) will be renewing their vows in 6 days. According to Willy, trailers Little Mamas and CoolHaus will also be joining in on the fun! The next question is, who will be the first to actually get married with the infectious aroma of Philly in the air?

Are you interested in getting hitched at Way South Philly? Contact Willy via email to hash out the details.

Originally posted on January 23, 2012.