With Our Powers Combined!

With Our Powers Combined!

Food trucks (and trailers, carts, and wagons) are miraculous things.  They provide focused menus that offer unique eats that you can’t find anywhere else.  Whether it’s a menu dedicated to cheesesteaks, hot dogs, or cake balls, food trucks allow hungry masses to dive deep into a particular food that a brick-and-mortar restaurant just can’t do.

But what if our favorite food trailers got together to create super menu items!?  Collaborative efforts that leverage the strengths of two specialties, combined into a single masterpiece of epic proportions!

So far we’ve come up with a few, like a Cool Haus ice cream sandwich battered and fried by the professionals at Fried and True!  Or Hall of Flame BBQ‘s amazing Bananarama banana pudding converted into a Yeti Frozen Custard special flavor.

Others strokes of potential genius include:

And so, in that vein, let’s hear your dream team food trailer combinations!  We’ll be using the Twitter hashtag #foodtruckcombo to track these brilliant ideas of yours.

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